We accept referrals from the client themselves, their relatives, GPs, or by a service organisation, etc. To be considered, the Client must want a Befriender and give verbal or written consent to be referred.
Clough Hapunda operates a Waiting List which can range from 7 to 28 days from assessment date. The Agency, the Client and their representative will have an initial meeting for a general assessment to discuss and identify the aims and expectations of the referral.  During the assessment we will take matters of safety into consideration for all parties involved, i.e. the Befriendee, Befriender and the Agency, Clough Hapunda. A plan to mitigate risks identified will be put in place.

After the assessment meeting, we shall match the Client’s requirements and personality to a Befriender and vice versa. This will include the Befriendee’s interests and the tasks they need help with. This is vital part of the process.
The agency will introduce the Befriendee and Befriender when the Match is found. The relationship will start based on the assessed requirements. The Client is free to terminate the relationship or ask for a Befriender to be replaced at any time without any financial obligation, provided all fees for the service provided are settled as agreed.

Please download a Referal Form to start the process.